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Our story

WITTMAR is a Swedish folk-rock band whose five members come together from all over the country.

The band was formed in 2020 during a few sparkling cold nights in a small log cabin at the top of a mountain in the north of Sweden. With an indomitable love for the innermost essence of music, not even an impending pandemic could stop them from forming a band and aiming for the aurora sky.

Since then, they have shared the stage with major international and national artists such as Vieux Farka Touré and Moonica Mac, and have had success in packed concert halls as well as in rowdy rock clubs and festivals. While drawing influences from folk/world, americana blues and 70s prog rock, they create a velvety dark, forest-scented music world that is still firmly rooted in the Nordic soil. With their peculiarly tender/raw storytelling and their strong stage presence, they set a mood that appeals to eager-to-dance afro-lovers as well as to seasoned rock hearts.

In 2022, the band debuted with three acclaimed singles that were noticed by HYMN and Popmuzik, among others.


HYMN about the single “Take It Slow”:


"'Take It Slow'" captures an earthy expression that impresses and where the vocal input sits perfectly. The music is timeless, rooted in traditional folk rock and blues, resulting in a song that should appeal to music lovers all over the world."


In 2024, they will release their long-awaited debut album, on the Danish label Stillestøj. The album was recorded in Studio Folkhemmet in Unnaryd together with renowned producer Petter Eriksson, who is also behind recording and mixing. In the summer of 2024 WITTMAR take off on a European tour and during the year they have several upcoming concerts in Sweden and the surrounding area.

Band members and instruments

Marika Wittmar

Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, shrutibox

Edvin Syrén 

Bass, vocals


Amanda Joensuu

Keys, synths, vocals


William Nordlund

Electric guitar


Jonathan Kabell

Drums, vocals

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